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    SW2014 - Sheet Metal causing SW to Crash

    Richard Byle



      I have an existing drawing created in SW 2014 on 4/6.  Today (4/27) I go to update it and the file fails to open.  I get a "SW cannot open the file. Contact local rep for assistance", then SW send up the "SW has encountered an error and is closing". 


      I tried starting the drawing again from the beginning.  Inserted projected views in sheet 1.  No problem.  Set up sheet 2 (going to be the flat pattern).  Went to insert the flat pattern and SW immediately crashes.  Tried this 4 times with the same result.


      BTW, I have been experiencing this on SW 2013 also.  I am attaching the files in zipped format (sent these same files to local reseller for support).  Please review and see if there is anything that can be done.