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Heat Transfer Rates don't match in Simulation

Question asked by David Marsden on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by David Marsden

I am trying to do a simple simulation (SWX 2015) with a 1cm cube of copper. It is plated with 100um thick (that is the thinest SWX will do) ceramic coating.   I apply 250W on the bare ceramic. I apply a convection on the bare ceramic. I run the simulation, and the temps come up.   However, when I calculate the heat transfer rates (which should be equal), I get weird results. Also I noticed that the min tamp of the copper is lower than the max temp of the ceramic (where the two are bonded).   This is my first posting here, so I do see how to post the SWX files here.

Below are some pictures.


Any insights?


Thermal.JPGMin Temp Copper only.JPGMax Temp Ceramic Only.JPG