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Smart Dimension - Why is it so dumb?

Question asked by JP Amezaga on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Unspecified Unspecified

I am obviously frustrated.  And I'm sure someone out there would be glad to tell me the problem is not the program but rather the user.


Please tell me i'm doing something wrong because if it is as bad as I see it, I'm gonna break something.




It is takes me FOREVER to get the simplest dimensions.


1st - The line I want to dimension to does not highlight when I put my cursor over it.  So I don't know if I will get the dimension I want till I click to complete it.  Then have to delete it when I get it wrong.


2nd - Trying to dimension from one vertical line to another, to make a horizontal dimension, takes MULTIPLE TRIES AND GUESSES.  And choosing horizontal dimension won't let me select to vertical lines to dimension between them.


If you want to tell me about dimensioning in the model and bringing that to the drawing.  Well, try getting all the dimensions you want when working with weldments.


3rd - NO intuitive dimensioning from a straight line to the tangent of an arc.  Please tell me I'm missing something.  And please don't tell me I have to draw a point on the arc just to dimension to it (because that would make Solidworks look pathetic)


4th - Why can't dimensions that have lost their reference be more obvious.  They make it a dark brown, close enough to black, that doesn't make it obvious when I'm flipping through drawings quickly.  If it lost its reference it's no good.  MAKE IT VISUALLY OBVIOUS!


5th - Glichy! Sometimes I can click the same line 4 times before it catches.


6th - I'm use to making drawings FAST.  Solidworks is pushing this whole grabbing dimensions from models because their dimensioning in drawing is horrible.


Final Note - This is where all my complaints become clear and my ignorance obvious.  I'm use to making drawings in Inventor where the simple tasks are simple and I make drawings FAST.  I read about people drawing all this geometry on top of their drawings just to get a dimension that is obvious and should be easy.