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    workgroup pdm thumbnails missing

    Jon Gourley

      After recently upgrading to 2015 SP2.1, when we search for files in the workgroup PDM vault, the thumbnails images for the items found are missing. This visual information is valuable and i'm wondering what checkbox i need to set for it to work.


      This seems to be happening on at least two client machines (i have not verified it on others.) One is running windows 8 the other windows 7.


      The same symptoms show up in the Solidworks Addin and in Solidworks Explorer.

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          Jon Gourley

          From my VAR:


          I have some good news and bad news for you….

          The bad news is that what you are seeing is a documented software bug. After doing some testing and digging, I was able to reproduce the issue within 2015 SP2.1 and determined that this is related to existing SPR #839522. Unfortunately, there is not a current workaround.

          The good news is that SOLIDWORKS has already implemented a fix for this bug in 2015 SP3, which is due for release next week.  I tested the functionality within the preview build of SP03 and can verify that the preview/thumbnail images do work properly within both SW Explorer and the WPDM add-in searches.