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DimXpert Fails

Discussion created by Andrew Mandigo on Apr 26, 2015
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1) Annotation views for blind holes are backwards. I go to put a hole call-out for a hole on a cylincrical surface and when the DimXpert annotation view comes up, the orientation is backwards, as in instead of looking towards the center of the part down the drill hole, I end up looking at the opposite side of the part where there is nothing to see.

2) Hole callout for a Helicoil is coming in as a simple hole. The hole call-out feature in a 2D drawing is smart enough to read this correctly. Why can't DimXpert do the same?

3) No way to overwrite the part dimension tolerances. We have a slew of templates and repeatedly clone existing designs but there is no way to force the new files to use our new dimensioning scheme so every time we clone an existing part we have to manually go in and fix the dimensioning. There are over 50,000 part files in our design library. It would be much easier if these dimension schemes could be on the system side instead of being variables within the individual parts.


About 75% of the parts I work on are cylinders or get bolted to cylinders. We are trying to go away from 2D drawings and switch to MBD PDFs. While these issues may have been fixed in SW2015, we are still on SW2014 and will be for the foreseeable future. The first issue is the most problematic as there is no option to REVERSE the view. I don't need to rotate the plane, I need to be looking the OTHER WAY and that option does not exist.


Any suggestions on how to fix either of these that doesn't involve manual entry of data would be appreciated.