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Solidworks 2015 sp2.1  no crashes!!

Question asked by P. Farnham on Apr 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by Terry Kasuboski

Just really got started to using Solidworks 2015 sp2.1 on a test Laptop and I am impressed so far, not one crash since installed 21/3/2015!


I only noticed this as I had a crash as work, 2014 sp5, due to the document information still having the massive memory leak which eats all available memory 24GB!! and locks the pc up.

I then realized that my laptop hadn't crashed yet! :)


I haven't tried the document information on the laptop connected to the domain yet to see if this issue has been fixed, hopefully tomorrow.

But so far.... so good.


Any release date for 2015 sp3.0 yet?, I know early visibility is out, but I can't get that for some reason.