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    Help With Drawings

    AM Eichkamp AM Eichkamp

      Hi all I have several mold type drawings I need to finish.I am still quite amature at drawings so appreciate any help.


      the criteria for these are



      Specific instructions

      Single PDFs only not drawings created individually.

      Orthographic / Iso-exploded views/ Section / detail view

       Make effective use of section and detail views to highlight model detail.

       Show hidden detail in non-sectioned views.

       Do not show hidden detail in sectioned views.

       Position views to make best used of available space

       Ensure views are of an appropriate scale.

       Add overall dimensions only.


      Different types....Unsure where to detail and section thse please help finish them off???


      Mouse Mould:

      Glue-Gun Mould:

      Zero offset Mould

      Sliding core Mould



      If you kind folks Can check tthe drawing in the respective folders, see what features can be added that im missing to get these drawings professional looking.


      Thank you

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          Jamil Snead

          I can't really look through all of those, but I did briefly look at Basic Mold and Clip Mold. One thing I would suggest is to keep your drafting technique consistent between drawings. For example in Basic you use Wireframe display style for non-section views, but in Clip you used Hidden Lines Shown. I prefer HLS but whichever you choose you should use for all of the drawings. Also, in Basic you have a view of the collapsed assembly in Shaded With Edges, but you have no such view in Clip. I would suggest including it in both or neither. You can use extra sheets if it doesn't all fit on a single page. Another thing is in Basic you put the balloons in the section view but in Clip you put them in the exploded view. I prefer them in the exploded view so that the arrow leaders don't need to overlap the model lines. Also this is just a matter of preference but I like the parts to be exploded enough so that they are not overlapping, then it is easier to see the entire geometry of each individual part.


          In general I'd also think about making the detail views magnify by more than 2X. The detail in Basic is alright, but in Clip I don't think the detail views are large enough in proportion to everything else. Maybe try making them 3:1 or 4:1. The way they are now they don't really provide much more detail than the parent view. I like to keep the border around detail views too, to me it looks funny to have the hatch pattern end without a border. I would keep the detail naming scheme consistent too. You have one detail view called "Drafting" and one just called "C". I'd just stick with the detail letters. Also you should pull the detail circle label off the part so it is easier to read. I just noticed that one of the details has a leader and the other doesn't. Again, consistency.


          Lastly, your balloons aren't working right in Clip because you modeled it as a multibody part. Instead I think it should be an assembly and then each part would show up in the BOM correctly and the balloons would be linked to the BOM item number.


          I hope those suggestions help, and of course some of them are just personal preferences so don't feel obligated to adhere to everything I said.

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              AM Eichkamp AM Eichkamp

              Mnay thanks for that, Ihave since sorted out mnay problems and have the basic and clip mould complete thanks to you, however I am still struggeling on the detailing and section views for the other moulds, If yall can help get them finished id be very grateful. I have uploaded simple pdfs to view.


              thank you

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                  Jamil Snead

                  For the Glue Gun Mould there isn't really an obvious place for section views. But I might be inclined to put sections as shown here:


                  I just feel like sections want to be along cylindrical axes. Also remember to change the hatch pattern for the different parts. I don't think any detail view is necessary for that assembly.


                  The Slide Mould looks pretty good. I'd increase the magnification on Detail B. Also I'd prefer items 4 and 5 to be exploded more so they aren't overlapping with item 2. For the hatching I don't know what is standard but I like to avoid having multiple parts with the exact same hatch alignment and spacing. I might decrease the spacing on the hatch for item 2 and increase the spacing for items 1 and 3.


                  In Zero Offset I'd section straight across like this.


                  I don't think any detail view is needed for that drawing.


                  The Mouse Mould looks fine, just move the 140 dimension so that it doesn't overlap with the section letter. Also I think the spacing on the item 3 hatch could be increased and the spacing on the item 1 hatch decreased.


                  A couple more general notes:

                  - You should start the section and detail view labels at A on each separate drawing. It is weird to have a random view label.

                  - In the pdf export settings you can uncheck the box to export pdfs in color. If you uncheck that box then all of the title block and dimension lines will show up black instead of gray.