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    is there a way to audit "in-use" component configurations along with the usual configuration parameters in an assembly configuration?

    Michael Pretekin

      For the attached example, I have an assembly that contains three parts and two assembly configurations.


      The first component "Letter" (A) is the same in both configurations

      The second component "Letter" (A) is suppressed in the -02 assembly configuration

      The third component "Number" has a referenced configuration of -01 (1) in the -01 assembly configuration, and -02 (2) in the -02 assembly configuration.


      The attached macro retrieves the configuration parameters for each assembly configuration and prints them, along with their respective values in the immediate window.


      I'm trying to programmatically find all of the component deltas between assemblies (e.g. suppression/referenced configurations) and, for suppression only, the IConfigurationManager.GetConfigurationParams method seems to be pretty elegant, but it does not report changes in referenced configuration of a component.


      Is there any similar "one-shot" way to retrieve changes in a component's referenced configuration a similar fashion?

      Keith Rice


      Thanks for any help you can offer!


      *Note:  For some reason the "Number" component doesn't like to rebuild after it has been opened, so while the correct configurations are referenced, the geometry won't change until you open that component and do a rebuild.  Bad example - sorry!