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Newbie to Simulation Module - need a little guidance

Question asked by Dave Krum on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Jesse Powers

Good morning All,

Been using Solidworks for a few years now but have yet to experiment with the Simulation module.  I'm running SW2010 Premium and see that the simulation module is included.  I have a small project that the shop is building for the owner as an overhead entrance to his golf course.  I have all the steel components worked up to be made from the model.  The shop foreman thought it would be cool to see how much the overhead will sag under its own weight.  This is a multi-body assembly so I'm not sure if simulation even runs on with this configuration.  The columns could be considered fixed.  Looking for flex movement / displacement under its own weight on the crossbeams (figured carbon steel for everything).  Is this even possible to do some ROUGH calcs wtih the module just to get a ballpark idea?  If so, I can do a little reading up but like I said, I've never dabbled with it previously.  I've included a windows snip below of the basic layout as well as the finished plan plus have included the zip of the assembly with the the parts.  As always, thanks in advance!