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How to properly simulate an adhesive bond in assembly where a part is deformed

Question asked by Bryant Hughes on Apr 23, 2015
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For a simplified background, we have a PMMA part bonded to a a glass part with a high strength adhesive. Due to the dimensional tolerancing and manufacturing method for the PMMA part, we can see upwards of 20-100um of flatness deformation in the part (It's very thin), normally across the part length ways. If they experience large thermal variation, we start to see delamination between the parts in the corners. In theory, this is due to us flattening the PMMA when bonding to the glass, and over time, the PMMA wants to creep back to it's "normal" state of ~20um deflection.


How can I simulate this in Solidworks?


My thought was to deform the part model to ~20um, and then mate the two, but I have little experience with simulations. I'm unsure how to properly model the adhesive layer to gather the stress/strain relationship of the assembly. Then once I've modeled that relationship, how can I apply a temp profile to further induce failures?


Thank you!