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New to solidworks, trying to scale of stretch a spline generated sketch in one dimension only

Question asked by Steven Dantonio on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by Steven Dantonio

I am a Rhino user thinking of migrating to Solidworks. I do a lot of work with splines generated from the picture sketch function. Once a spline is created (either closed loop or open) is there any way to scale or stretch the sketch in one dimension only. When I chose proportional in the scale function is scales both dimensions.  If it's easier lets think of it this way. If I generate a spline curve following along a picture of a hanging chain supported at both ends (a catenary curve) and find that the length of the curve is perfect for my application, but the depth of the curve is a little shallower that i want it to me.  Is there any way to increase the depth of the curve while keeping the length fixed?


Thank you