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2015SP2.1 Admin Image failing

Question asked by Jon Gourley on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by Paul Wyndham

I have been using the Admin Image feature to install on the clients for the last three installs. Everything worked as expected before.


This time (going from 2014SP04 to 2015SP02.1) the installation manager starts up on the clients and then just goes away (no dialog or message reported, it just disappears.) It did install correctly on my own computer.


The install image is on a mapped network drive. All of our computers have this drive mapped the same way.


To start the install, i have been manually browsing to the folder of the admin image and double clicking on StartSWInstall.hta and then clicking the button labeled "Install SOLIDWORKS products now".


I tried setting the option to create a diagnostic log during each installation but i can't seem to find where to look for this log file.


Any help would be appreciated.