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Implementing "Save As Exe"

Question asked by Jeetendra Prasad on Apr 24, 2015

Hi Programming gurus,




I have developed an exe which reads excel file and generate output as drawing file. Excel is user interface for inputs and resides in the same folder where exe is present.

Now I want to create a functionality similar to Edrawing "Save As EXE"  feature.





1> GenerateDrawingRev00.exe and UI.xlsx files are present in same folder. Here UI.xlsx acts as user input file.




The feature :-


1> GenerateDrawingRev00.exe have a "save as exe" button.

2> Once "Save as exe" button is clicked then the GenerateDrawingRev00.exe will be copied to "GenerateDrawingRev01.exe" and UI.xlsx excel file will be embedded in "GenerateDrawingRev01.exe" file as resource or appended at end of exe.

3> From next time onwards if "GenerateDrawingRev01.exe" will be run then it will get the UI,xlsx file into the same folder (from its embedded resource or from appended file location),

4> Now user can change the UI.xlsx and he should be able to use "Save as exe" for generating new GenerateDrawingRev02.exe, GenerateDrawingRev03.exe, ...,  GenerateDrawingRevXX.exe with UI.xls getting embedded as resource in exe file or appended in exe.



This feature is same as EDrawing Save As exe. Has anybody tried it? If they can guide me at currect path then it would be great. I have this program in C# so or example would be great.



-- Regards,

Jeetendra Prasad.