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Gripper Finger Texture

Question asked by Andrew Cywink on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Mark Kaiser

Hi All,

I am currently working on a part drawing for several sets of gripper fingers that will be produced by a 3D printer. I would like to add texture/knurl to the actually gripping surface to give it a bit more grip. I have done some tutorials on creating a knurl but this only seems to apply to cylindrical parts on an outside diameter. What I would like to do is add the knurl/texture to the concave portion of my gripper (I'm grabbing a cylindrical part) so it will come out as a complete part on the 3D printer. I'd like to have it knurled/textures so I can print several sets at once.


Any advice you can provide would be helpful. I've attached the part drawing as well. Thanks!