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Custom Property appears in BOM but not in Balloon

Question asked by Fraser Reekie on Apr 23, 2015

I have an assembly consisting of parts, subassemblies and what we call phantom subassemblies.


The BOM posiitons are defined by a custom property and appear correctly in the BOM:



The problem is that the I cannot get the balloon to display this custom property for the "phantom assemblies":



If I select Parts Only as the BOM Type for the Bill of Materials (see first picture) then the custom property can be displayed for the parts in the "phantom assembly" however the custom property can no longer be selected for the subassemblies:



The difference between a subassembly and what we call a "phantom assembly" is that we want the "phantom assembly" to be dissolved in the BOM so we use Promote in the configuration properties instead of Hide (which is used for subassemblies).



Also, when I copy "$PRPMODEL:"BOM Position MBS Cubicle V2"" from the Balloon and paste it into a note attached to the part it works fine.


I hope this all makes sense and that someone out there is able to help!