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Saving as .LXO and recreating BOM-structure automatically

Question asked by Mika Malo on Apr 23, 2015

Hello All,


This is just to share some information which others might find useful if working with similar process.


I have a workflow where I am exporting SW models to Luxology Modo and it works rather well but it loses BOM-structure (hierarchy).

Also there are few small things that needs to be fixed in model like converting static-mesh items to ream items etc.

From modo I again need to export to few different polygon-formats (.obj, .dae, .fbx).


I was looking a way to automate this process as much as possible since I have hundreds of assemblies that I need to convert.

Luckily I found some help from Luxology forums and especially from a nice dude Keith) who wrote dedicated script to modo to handle everything automatically.

It allows me to just export hundreds of assemblies in .LXO - format to same directory, run the script and it produces subfolders for each different format containing the fixed models.

All with a single click.


Check this thread on luxology forums and ask from Keith if you are in a need for similar process: