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    Switch from EPDM to SWIM ?

    Daniel Harris

      Suppose a company is thinking about switching from EPDM to SWIM.


      Does anyone who has done this care to comment on the experience?



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          Mike Helsinger

          I don't have experience with the system administration end of things, but I have used both systems at the draftsman level.  ePDM was my introduction to SolidWorks from about 7 years ago.  As such I have a less educated impression about it's positives & negatives.  On the other hand, Team Center SWIM was not user friendly.


          Again my perspective is limited but as I understand it, SWIM does have the functionality of being a vehicle of your project management beyond ePDM (or at least ePDM as I know it to be capable).  SWIM can drive the process from planning conception through implementation.  If that's something that is desirable to your company then it may be worth a look.  There are some quirks that take a bit of learning, but it can be done.