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    HLR Default but want Single Part Shaded

    Janek Popiolek

      I am trying to produce drawing views in Hidden Lines Removed state, which is standard surely for most people, but I want one or two parts shaded with edges.


      First, thinking this was the proper way to do this, I tried changing the display mode of the parts (safety belts) in the assembly model to shaded with edges via the display pane, and I though this would "carry through" to my drawing view.

      But the view appeared unchanged.

      So I attempted the display state approach.  The best I have got so far is as attached.  The drawing view is poor, the lines not sharp.  This is because I made the display state and changed the display modes of my belts to shaded with edges, and other parts to HLR, then set the drawing view to shaded with edges.


      Can anyone please explain the proper way to do this?  I don't really want to hatch my belts in solid black.  Thank you.


      Janek, SW 2012