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How do I get the 'Category' that my selected material is part of?

Question asked by Mike Garvelink on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by Mike Garvelink

Along with SolidWorks, we use CAMWorks. I am trying to automate the material selection used in CAMWorks, which is really more of a grouping of different speeds, feeds and tool choices which will be applied to the cutter path.


The idea is to make sort of an Alias list, driven by the Category that is shown on a material form, which also the 'folder' that the material is in (theoretically anyway). Anyway, if I could somehow get either the Category or the 'folder name' that my already selected material is in, would be enough to get me started, but I cannot seem to find API tools that extract anything other that the name of the material database and the material itself, with the exception of parsing an XML file, similar to what was done here - Re: How to get Custom Material Properties?


Now, I can still do an 'Alias List' based on the material name, but it seems more manageable to look at 12-14 Categories than to look at 100's of materials, but if that is the best option, then so be it.

But I am wondering, is there a simpler way?



I have included a screen shot of the specific piece I am looking for -