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File data cards - History

Question asked by Adam Johnson on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by Adam Johnson

Working in 2014......Basically, if a user 'gets' a previous version, and while that version is in session, will they be able to view the file data card that was associated with that version of the file PRIOR to a later version that is now in a different workflow and associated with a new file data card?


I would think this is possible as long as that original file data card hasn't been removed in any way, and i guess the previous workflow still needs to exists? If the old workflow doesn't need to exist that would be ideal for me i think.


We are moving ALL files from one workflow to a brand new workflow , with all new file data cards using a Workflow Link. So after full migration, the previous workflow will not be needed, although, referencing the old data card info may be needed.