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I Have a question about “Function” and “Location” groups.

Question asked by Ivan Savchencko on Apr 21, 2015
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Hello everyone!

I Have a question about “Function” and “Location” groups.


The main rule in designing electrical equipment is to avoid repeated terminals in the same terminal strip in the same junction boxes and to avoid repeated wire number anywhere in one project. Currently the most interesting is the realization of the first rule (abut terminal strips).

So the next illustration will represent this rule the best:


The main rule-Model.jpg



The main question:

First of all let’s create some (the most common) structure of locations in the project:




As you can see we have some plant (or installation, or unit, or assembly) on which two motors and junction box are installed. Also we’ve got a control cabinet (with contactors, relays and other stuff) which is installed some where outside the plant and controls the motors on a plant.  This configuration is met quite often.

In control cabinet two terminal strips are installed, they are X1 and X2 with 4 terminals in each one.

Here is a drawing of these elements:




As you can see we haven’t got any terminal strips in Junction box (JB1) yet. So let’s insert them:




So we easily can insert “next by counter” terminal strip X3 in location JB1. Let’s do this.




As you can see it was installed successfully. But now let’s try to cheat a little bit. Let’s try to install another terminal strip in JB1 and decrement the terminal strip counter while inserting .




As you can see there are no conflicts.  This means that we can insert two identic terminal strips in the same location without any warnings!!!! Let’s do this…




Now we have got two similar strips in one JB1 which is not allowed in technical meaning. Let’s try to imagine that we need to prevent ourselves from mistake in these cases by our personal responsibility. And let’s try to change our first  strip X3 to X2. To do that we will right click on X3 terminal strip in component browser and and chose properties and decrement strip number:




Now we can see  that we cannot rename terminal strip so that it would have the same name with another terminal strip located (as you remember) in another location named control cabinet.

And this is the main paradox: you can create (with no warnings and avoids) duplicate terminal strip in the same location but you cannot rename terminal strips so that after renaming they would have the same name but different location.

So on the one hand we are allowed to make mistakes and on the other hand you can’t do the correct renaming.


There are many examples in CAD systems (autoCad electrical etc.) which has one very simple rule: we can’t install the identical terminal strips in one location and we can install the identical terminal strips in different locations. Just as I mentioned in preface.


Please explain me what is the SolidWork’s ideology in this part of designing electrical schemes?(main question)


Big thanks for all people who read this to the end!!!  Also it would be great if someone will tell me what is the best realization of physical components described above in SolidWorks Electrical’s virtual environment? Very Very  Very big thanks for all the answers  I will read.