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After upgrading to Licence Manager 2014 our network licence quantity says only 1

Question asked by James Witherow on Apr 21, 2015
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We wanted to upgrade the Licence Manager so that we could run the newer version of Solidworks on a few machines, along with an older edition we still have on the network.


After upgrading the Licence Manager to the 2014 version, it now says only one licence is available for our clients.


We've tried the Activate/Reactivate option and ensured the licence code is still correct but that didn't change anything.


Checking the currently activated products it lists one licence of version 22, but no longer the 60x version 20 licences we had on their previously and still want to be available.


So we've a bit confused how this should be setup. Even though it was an in-place upgrade, do we need to transfer the licence from the old version?