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How do I access the Properties of a Feature?

Question asked by Mike Garvelink on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Mike Garvelink

I am trying to access the information that is listed when RMB on a feature in the Feature Tree. Specifically the 'Created By'


I am pretty new to VBA/API stuff, so my apologies if I am overlooking the obvious. We have a ton of data, some as old as 12-14 years old that there is not a 'Drawn By' filled into the Custom Properties, and we have decided that it would be good if we grabbed the Created By of the first feature of the tree and made that text info a custom property.


I have poked around the IExtrudeFeatureData2 Interface information in the API help and nothing really jumps out at me.


I grabbed some screen shots to reference.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks a million!