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EPDM and CAMWorks files

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Matthew Menard

     We are using the "get latest version" option in EPDM and want a process where when a part reaches the "released" state it is locked from all editing.  We use CAMWorks for our tool paths and want to know how to accomplish this?  If we let the machine shop version the files in a workflow they cause the drawings to open using the latest model (out of date) and batch printing/viewing becomes somewhat tricky (always having to get the referenced version first).  We tried a derived part but CAMWorks seems to loose a bit of thread data along the way and tapped holes become un-recognizable by the automatic feature recognition tool.  I suggested an assembly containing the part to be machined, and our machine shop claimed there was an added layer of complexity by machining from an assembly file vs. the part file (I'm not driving the CAM software so I have to accept what they are telling me).  We want the data to be parametric so saving a copy of the files is unacceptable.  What is the best practice for this operation?