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Weld Tail Options not Showing in ANSI Weld Symbol Properties Box

Question asked by Alfonso Millan on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Richard Petty



I am using Solidworks 2015 and I am trying to update a drawing that was made in Solidworks 2011. I want to edit the "Specification Process" on the Weld Tail but when I right click the ANSI Weld Annotation and go to Properties, the "Specification Process" box from previous Solidworks versions is not showing up. I have tried expanding the window and clicking on the right-most side but no additional box shows up. Attached is a picture of what is shown, as well as what was shown in a previous version of solidworks. Is there another area where this can be changed?


Looking through the 2015 documentation, it states:

"Specification processType text in the large box at the right, in any number of lines, to appear in the tail of the symbol."