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Sheet metal Bug

Question asked by Mohammad Darabseh on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by Kenneth Barrentine

We are using SolidWorks in sheet metal since 2010, we have developed our macros to save batch files into .DXF format.

Sometimes we face a rebuild problems with some parts (i.e saved DXF file differ from .sldprt & .slddrw).


Recently in 2015 version, we are facing new problem, where derived configuration  “DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN” differs than “Default”,

I attached a samples of these files, if you changed any “document option” for these files or add any new feature “Cut-Extrude” for example,

The problem will be solved but with normal rebuild, force rebuild or flatten/unflatten part, we are unable to update flat pattern.


F2-47315V3-2.sldprt : square opening location from top D8@sketch1 differs between “DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN” and “Default”

CD001-400-101.sldprt : D1@sketch1 differs between “DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN” and “Default”.


Please note that these dimensions are not configuration specific.