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How to split a part into three new parts in an assemby

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Apr 20, 2015
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I have a beam modelled as a part approx. 30m long going through a swept arc for its length.


This 30m length needs to now be split into more manageable lengths so we need to split into say 3 parts.


I thought the easy way would be to bring the part into an assembly then sketch some cuts to make it into 3 pieces.

My problem is how do I save these three parts, do I make them a sub assembly.


Could someone explain the procedure for this, what do I need to select to make into sub assembly.

Do I need to go and select all the faces, at some point we may model in stiffeners etc before splitting and the stiffeners would also need to be part of the subassembly.


The other option I could see was the 'make independent' function, does this also do what I need?


Below is a screen shot of the beam split into 3 not the split has been exaggerated so you can see what I want to do.


sub assembly.png




Mark (SolidWorks 2015)