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Weldments: Used in design study

Question asked by Morten Kristensen on Apr 20, 2015



Im having a little trouble getting the sensors to show.

Each time i am trying to make the design study, i can change the length, the angles and so on.

I can see the values for the masse with my sensor but when i add the sensor for the stress it only shows "0".

I have both tried to make a "Model max" Sensor and "Max over Selected entities.

Both senaries shows zero stress.


There is a picture blow.


I also would like to ask if it is posible to do a design study on the size of the weldment profiles.

fx. if i would like to test the structure for mass and stress with different profiles fx 80x80x6 and 100x100x6

Is this posible? or maybe just a range between 80x80 -> 100x100.