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    Cold Storage Schema Task Scheduling

    Steve Zema

      Good Morning All,

      I have a question about cold storage schema.

      Per the examples given in SW, you can set minute, hour and day.  My question, is that only for a week day 1-7 (Monday thru Sunday), or can you set the day my calendar day of the month, say the 20th?  I'd prefer to set up a monthly schedule to run schema, rather than weekly.


      Thank you for your assistance,

      Steve Zema


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          R. Vignesh



          The Cold Storage Schema is available to use in minute,hour or weekly format.

          There is no option for monthly schedule.




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            R. Vignesh

            Yes it can be set up to run either minute , hour or weekly basis only.



            The schedule, either by selecting an interval from Predefined interval or by selecting User defined schedule.

            To specify a user-defined schedule, enter a value in Interval string.

            The schedule has the format:

            Minute  Hour  Weekday


            • Minute. Use numerals 0 through 59.
            • Hour. Use numerals 0 through 23, where 0 is midnight.
            • Weekday. Use numerals 1 through 7, where 1 is Monday.

            Separate sections with a space. Sections can contain a single number, a range (1-7), or a list (0,15,30,45). An asterisk represents the entire range. For example:

            0 0 *Run every day at midnight.
            0 2 1-5Run every Monday through Friday at 2 a.m.
            0 * *Run every hour on the hour every day.
            0 */2 *Run every other hour every day.
            0,15,30,45 * *Run every 15 minutes every day.
            0,30 * 1-5Run every half hour Monday through Friday.
            0 6-18 1-5Run every hour between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


            The time is local to the server.