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Has the weld bead issue been sorted out in 2015?

Question asked by P. Farnham on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by Ken W.

Hi All,

I am looking to upgrade to 2015 ap3 when it becomes available.

I have some issues in 2014 sp5 where:-


The weld bead will not come through on the drawing views correctly (being looked at by my VAR as they also could not get it to work either)


Weld beads are not taken in account in the weight of the assembly (this is needed in as the welding can add a large amount of weight to the finished assembly)


Used to be able to save the weld bead as a part (no longer available) and add the material specs to the part and so get the weight. it was so easy but now is a nightmare to work with.


How do other get around this limitation of the model not being complete to give the weight? Guess it?



Thanks in advance