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    Percentage of transparency...?

    Narender Vadla

      Hi all,

      Is there any feature to adjust the transparency percentage in increasing/decreasing order from one end of the part/assembly to other end.

      Please find the attached reference image/find the link http://www.hitechexport.com/engineering/mechanical/

      I am using SW2015/2014.

      Thank you


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          Jamil Snead

          I don't think there is a way to do it within SolidWorks. But I have created a similar image by producing 2 renders of an identical view. The first render is of the assembly shaded without contour rendering, and the other image is of the assembly with only contour rendering. Then in photoshop I put one on top of the other and used the eraser with soft edges to remove the top and reveal the image on bottom wherever I wanted. If desired you could use a third image of the assembly shaded and with contour rendering and put that one in between.