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3Dcontrol Add-in in 2015

Question asked by Bill Rose on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Tony Tieuli

I can't seem to get this add-in working in 2015. The latest versions of the 3Dconnexion's drivers (10.2.2 & 10.2.3) gets me a blank toolbar which makes setting the buttons impossible. I can manipulate the model but that's all. These newer versions do not work in 2013 or 2014 because the buttons do not work and trying to configure them gives me this dialog;


SWx 2014 Button Mapping with 3,16,3.JPG

No Tools tree to select from. The button assignments shown do not work and when you click on them in this dialog box they disappear.


Any suggestions on getting 2015 working 100%. A bonus would be a solution that applies to 2015 and the older SWx versions too. We'll be moving to 2015 soon and that's the most important version to gain function for. Thanks!..........Bill