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The Entire Model Is Gone!!!

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by Al Moore

I was horrified to see my 6 weeks of work grind to a halt when my highly complicated part suddenly disappeared from the screen.  I was stunned into absolute disbelief when I searched the forum and discovered that this absolutely inexcusable major work-destroying bug has been around since 2010 and SolidWorks has apparently done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address it.


The problem occurs in my model upon combining two solid bodies.  Both bodies are visible (not hidden), but once the combine is applied the model becomes completely invisible and all productivity grinds to a massive money-wasting halt.  This is not a new combine; I created it three weeks ago, but it has decided to start acting up now, for reasons I cannot possibly fathom, and nothing I do can fix the issue.


If anyone has any suggestions, please share them.  I'll be on the phone with our VAR begging for some kind of help...