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Cannot combine parts for SimulationXpress

Question asked by Louis C on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by Mike Pogue



I am having difficulty trying to combine two parts to use as a single body for SimulationXpress. I keep getting zero geometry issues but I cannot fine the source of my problem, would anyone be able to pinpoint it for me please? I am new to this so using the Simulation package is beyond my ability at this stage, hence the Xpress.


It seems the front angled face of the model is at fault as I cannot combine it with the rest of the assembly but I cannot understand why. I initially thought the radii may be the issue so I removed the bulk of them, but the problem still exists.


I checked the model and it identified a short edge issue, but I could not locate this and am now stuck so thought it may be worth asking on here, sorry if the problem is obvious! I noted there is a small construction line left on the front face of the base as well, could that be the issue?

I have attached the document, at this stage I have just mated the two parts together and have not attempted a combine as it may be clearer.


Thanks in advance,