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    Degrees Of Freedom


      How to check for how many degrees of freedom left to make an object fully constrained. And also the degrees of freedom based on what eg. D.O.F based on Translational or Rotational.

      Thanks in Advance!!!

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          Mike Pogue

          The degrees of freedom are both translational and rotational--total of 6. The way to check which are not constrained is to try to drag the part. There are situations where SolidWorks can be confused about how many DOF are left. These usually (but not always) result from mating schemes that are too clever or not clever enough.

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            Jamil Snead

            I was going to suggest just dragging and observing to determing the DOF, but that won't necessarily giv you all of the information. Think of a part floating in space with no mates, dragging will show you that is can move translationally in xyz but it will not tell you that it is free to rotate. One thing you could try is to start the Move Component tool and then choose the Move By Delta XYZ or Rotate By Delta XYZ and try to increment each axis one at a time and see if the part moves.