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    Mirror a drawing with a component

    Joe Pickens

      I have to have make separate drawings for my mirrored components so is there a way to automatically create a mirrored DWG of a mirrored component that already has a DWG made.

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          Mike Pogue

          The best way to do this is not to create such a drawing at all. Typically you create two part numbers


          1234-01 BRACKET, RIGHT HAND SIDE

          1234-02 BRACKET, LEFT HAND SIDE


          Then you detail the -01 on drawing number 1234. Beneath whatever view you would normally label as the part number--usually the isometric view, place this note:

          1234-01 SHOWN

          1234-02 MIRRORED


          ASME has the note like this instead

          1234-01 SHOWN

          1234-02 OPPOSITE


          But during the brief time that I switched to that to get in line with ASME, I found that everybody was confused by it. Nobody is ever confused by MIRRORED.



          If you really have to do it, though, look at Lorono's advice at the bottom of this thread:

          Automatic Drawing of Mirrored Part