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Add Relations options not available under Line Properties

Question asked by Eric Kollenberg on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by Eric Kollenberg

This is kind of weird -- Solidworks seems to be behaving differently since I upgraded to SW2015.  Is it a bug?  A feature?  Or did one of my settings just get messed up?


Suppose I select the Line tool and draw a line.  Under Line Properties, I get three "Add Relations" buttons: Horizontal, Vertical, and Fixed.  So far, so good -- this is the same as it's always been.


But now, if I immediately draw another line, only one "Add Relations" button appears: Fixed.  This is new.  I used to be able to draw lines one after the other, and after each one, click on Horizontal or Vertical, and I got really used to defining geometry quickly this way (for instance, drawing a line from a midpoint of something to the midpoint of something else, and then making that line vertical to line everything up).


It turns out that if I click the green checkmark after each line, then the next line I draw has all three relations available.  But that's an extra mouse click for each line, and if I forget just once, then every line I draw after that has only the Fixed relation.  Then I have to get out of Line and start it again to draw more lines, or just draw all my lines, get out of Line, and then select them to add the relations.  Doable, but cumbersome, and not what I'm used to.


So, just to be clear, I'm not looking for an alternate method, I'm asking if there's a way that I can return Solidworks to its previous behavior, which is that whenever I draw a line, all the possible relations show up as pushbuttons under "Add Relations."