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Pdm workgroup question

Question asked by robert dattilo on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Jeff Holliday


             I usually work on a none pdm network, but need to do a project involving other files on the pdm network that a few departments use. I went into pdm, then checked out, opened,  took ownership 3 files. I wanted to make a small assembly. I created a sub project folder in my temporary directory. Then I create a new assembly & start with the first part, but when I go to save it gives me folder choices from the old nework I work in. How do I save this new assembly to my pdm sub project folder? I know you can't seem to see the pdm folders in the standard way. I am logged into the pdm. The other thing is I'll need to grab a 4th part from the old network which could even be a dummy part, and add it to the assy. The first thing is just to get this assy saving to my sub project in the Temporary working directory.


Thanks, in advance for any input,

Rob_D SW 2014 sp4.