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Weird cut. Won't work.

Question asked by Alex Draeker on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by Deepak Gupta

Hello everyone,


I was fiddling around with Solidworks, when frankly I found another thing I had no idea how to do.


The problem is rather similar to my last post. I'm making a cut which needs to follow some constraints, however this cut does not want to follow those constraints I set forth.


I'll start by giving the pictures below with descriptions under every picture.


face dimensions.jpg

This is going to be the test part I'll be demonstrating my problem with. Keep in mind the dimensions themselves don't matter. These are the dimensions I used above. The half circle above is mandatory, and I used a tangent relation with both sides.


correct cutting profile.jpg

So this is the profile for my cut. You can't really see it, but there's another line connecting the vertical 2.10mm and the circular R14.59 curve.

Again, exact dimensions don't really matter, but I want a curve cut like that. It should shave a little bit off.


example of face.jpg

So here is the cut itself. I'm using a lofted cut with the previous sketch as a profile and the path being the edge. It works.


side cuts not working.jpg

Okay, now here's the borders I want it to follow. I want it to get smaller forming a circle edge as seen above. I made two separate borders. A top and and a bottom both of which are on the right plane. Now, it simply doesn't work. Where did I go wrong?


Here is a link to my previous problem. It was pretty much the same, just without the curved top. It has been answered already though.

How to cut along a line?


Thank you everyone in advance!