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    How do I simulate the spring forces from a vibe test?

    John Rabenius

      We have several vibe chambers that we use for ESS testing.

      Picture a large oven with a vibrating platform that you mount assemblies to . . .


      For the sake of the conversation, we'll be testing stereo receivers. we're going to test them to 5 G's at temperatures from -100 degrees F to 300 Degrees F.


      I'm not concerned with the temperature part of the equation.


      I have to design a fixture to mount 6  receivers. we will run the simulation 3 separate times, one in each axis (X, Y, and Z). I am thinking of a cube with the 6 receivers inside.


      The outside dimensions of the cube are 22 inches.


      Weight of the fixture is a maximum of 50 pounds (a problem- hence the simulation).


      My question is: How do I simulate (model) the motion so I can optimize the rigidity of the cube?


      The motion is cyclic - up and down, - like a spring.