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    Save-as brings in multiple extraneous parts

    Sigma Tero

      When I save an assembly as a Parasolid, IGES, or STEP it brings in multiple references parts that aren't part of the original assembly in any way.  Where are these coming from and how do I make them stop coming in when I save?

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          Sigma Tero

          Ok, scratch this- figured out what happened.  Will explain here in case it happens to someone else... simple- I had accidentally saved an assembly as a template and it was using this as the basis when I opened up the new Parasolid (etc). 


          So I just had to go in and edit the assembly template to take out those parts and I was good again.  FYI my file was here: C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2015\templates\Assembly.asmdot


          But you can find out where it is by going to: options> system options> default templates.


          I don't normally use templates so it never dawned on me that this might be a problem. 


          So there you go...