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    Pack & Go bug

    John Stoltzfus

      Just sent the following image to our VAR - Never had this happen before - I use this feature with every main assembly and I use the Select/Replace dialog box


      It kept the last three numbers and just added more prefixes, but I kind of like the design tree  lol



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          Deepak Gupta

          Never seen this Easter egg. Are you able to replicate the behavior with other files also?

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              John Stoltzfus

              Hey Deepak


              Yes I can duplicate this with every pack and go file, I got paranoid right away....


              Took a little bit till we got it figured out, like normal - Not a bug just some user input issues.  I do Pack & Go probably a little different, in the search and replace dialog box I do one at a time, sometimes if you have a dash A or something like that it gets all of that same sequence and did screw up files.....


              Since this was a "New" design and new assembly ect, I use either a work order number or a quote number to do the initial design and apply my correct part numbering in the Pack & Go later in the process. When I started this project I made last 4 numbers in my top and sub assemblies from 9000 to 9003 and I should have started my part numbers at -004 instead I made the mistake of going to -001...


              So here is what happened  Search File Number 86142-9001 - Replace with 4401KC-86142-001 again till I had all the 4 assemblies, then when I started doing the parts it was Search 86142-001 Replace with 4410KC-86142-004 and what happened it stacked up the "86142" number.


              What I needed to do was Search for 86142- and Replace with ABC- and then I could continue like normal and it works, but it literally hours trying to figure it out, so yeah I can replicate it


              Bottom line is this - Using Search & Replace, you can not have the same numbers in the same string ahead of the dash


              This is what it looks like now