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Is there a way to override rebuild errors

Question asked by Shane Kozlowski on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by Shane Kozlowski

I am a designer/engineer at a transit bus manufacturer. We build on ford chassis. I have to order the chassis frame rail and cab model from Ford. They always send as .stp files so I have to import them and fix the transfer errors, typicly using import diagnostics. Sometimes, like now, I get a part that has over 700 invalid faces on top of the several hundred gaps but the part looks like it should. I assume its something that only the computer can pick up on but since I dont need the part for simulation I dont care if it has rebuild errors as long as it is aestheticaly correct. So, I need to get rid of the rebuild error icon that will continue to pop up every time I open a file that references it. Since its part of the chassis, that means every single assembly I make. Is there a way to do this without tryiing to fix the 700+ faces that are supposedly incorrect?