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    sw2015 default templates

    Ricardo Solomons

      Hi can someone please help me. I have installed SW2015 on my machine. But i keep getting the error that no default templates are found. i have gone into my install directory and there is no template folder. Is there anywhere else i can look for this, or if possible can i download these somewhere

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Ricardo,


          As long as you have permission to write to the folder specified for the templates, SOLIDWORKS will automatically create the templates if they do not yet exist. All new installations create templates "on the fly" instead of SOLIDWORKS actually shipping files with the software.  The reason we create the templates "on the fly" is because they need to be created based on the installation language you are running plus the default units and drafting standard that you choose on first startup. So, templates that someone else gives you may not match what you desire.


          So, I would suggest going to Tools, Options, System Options, File Locations and choose Document Templates from the pull down. Make sure have write access to the folder that is specified there and if not, add a new folder where you do have write permission so it can create and use the templates from there. Once the templates are created, you no longer need write access, unless you are going to modify and resave the templates. Many users, especially in a work environment where multiple users are using the same company templates, put the templates on a shared network location which only has read access so users don't overwrite the templates.


          Also note that there is the Tools, Options, System Options, Default Templates settings which define the template locations for operations other than File, New. These are useful if you have multiple templates and want to use specific ones for import than File, New.


          If this does not solve the problem, please describe exactly when you are seeing the error with a screen shot of the error and we can try to help more.