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    Changing a Logo in a Drawing Template (Sheet 2)

    Kevin Desrosiers

      Our company changed names a few years back (I also lost my SW experts at that time ), so we had to update our drawing templates. I was able to edit the name in the Title Block, and the logo in the template for "Sheet 1," but whenever I click the button to add a second (or any subsequent) sheet to a drawing, it keeps inserting the old logo on those new sheets. The new name is correct in the Title Block, but I have to change the old logo every time to the new one on any pages that I add.


      Here are the basics: when I did this, I copied all of the drawing templates to a new folder (I kept the old templates just in case in their old folder). The main drawing template is called Size B.drwdot. It contains the full title block, new logo etc. There is also a file in this same folder called Size B.slddrt. It shows only the NEW logo, nothing else. I'm actually not sure if I edited this sheet or not, since it has been a while since I last looked at this. I'm starting to make more multi-page drawings, and I keep forgetting to change the logo.


      Do subsequent pages get added using a different drawing template, or is there a hidden link somewhere in the main drawing template that is pulling up the old logo on any new/added pages?


      Again, a new, single page drawing has all of the correct info (name in title block and logo), but only adding subsequent pages grabs the old logo. I just can't figure out if there is a hidden template somewhere, or what I need to do to fix this.


      Thanks in advance.