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Manually Created References - Using quantities that are not whole numbers

Question asked by Tera Hansen on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Adrian Velazquez

The way we do things is create virtual documents of our material(s) and then paste them as a reference to the part file.  This way when the number is pushed to EPICOR, it pulls the correct amount of material from inventory when the part is made.  If a part is only 6 inches long, and the material is measured in feet, we would need a usage of 0.5 feet.  However it seems EPDM does not seem to like this.  When changing the quantity the way described in the Help section (using Edit User-defined references) it only allows you to use whole numbers.



We've found some work arounds by changing the quantity under the BOM tab, but we're constantly having issues with bugs when done this way.


Was just curious if there were other's out there doing things like this.  Or if they have found a better way.  Or maybe we need to change our thinking all together?  Thoughts?  Thanks in Advance!!