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Unable to obtain required memory

Question asked by Lee Macklem on Jun 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2007 by John Nemeth
Whenrunning Cosmosxpress I am told to reduce my mesh size and when I doI get the error:  SolidWorks is unable to obtain requiredmemory:  Please attempt to free some memory and then pressRetry, or press Cancel to terminate your Solidworks session. If I free up memory and it is still not enough for Cosmos to run itwill exit my session of Solidworks.  At this point I should beable to go back into Cosmos and change setting without it throwingme out of session.  My VAR said it uses both physical andpaged memory.  I added 20GB of paged memory and it did nothelp along with my 2GB of physical memory.  I watch the TaskManager in Windows and it does not use much memory at all whenrunning.  Is Cosmosxpress just a program that should not beused.  I find it works for simple parts but if you havecomplex weldments it has problems with the solid mesh andmemory.  Is this a Windows issue?