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    Always get referenced version option?

    Aaron Torberg

      Is there a setting in EPDM to always get referenced versions?  We are getting files that are opening with the incorrect version of the files, either older version that exist in users cache, or newer versions that people are still working with (conceptual designs).  If I open a drawing and the drawing was released referencing version 4/5 of the model that is the model I want when I open the drawing.  If I have version 3/5 in the cache that is the version that is used, if I have get latest version turned on then I get version 5/5 (work in process).  This must be an option... I understand doing a "get" on a drawing or assembly version lets me get the referenced version but this is super tedious if I am printing many drawings, or opening multiple assemblies.  A revision of an assembly or drawing should be a snapshot in time showing that document as built, but if a newer version of the model for a drawing exists, and that's what the software uses by default the drawing is out of date by default...  am I missing something?

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          Brian McEwen

          There is an "Always work with latest versions" in group Settings.  I don't think there is a setting to always use the referenced versions (that the assembly or drawing was checked in with). You have to use Get.


          You may or may not have have noticed there is a method to semi-automatically Get the referenced versions  (instead of going to each child component and doing Get Version and picking the exact version). 

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          I imagine it works the way it does because it is difficult to have a default that satisfies everyone (and they have not set up enough alternative user options for the default behavior).

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            Adrian Velazquez

            This is always been one of mi biggest frustrations with  EPDM, and is the number 1 reason new users have a hard time understanding how EPDM works.

            There should be a simple/obvious way to "Get As-Built" and/or have that be the default instead of "Get Latest".  What is even more confusing for users is that when you do manage to do a "Get" EPDM shows a "Warning" Icon

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                Aaron Torberg

                Hmm... why is this not a default option...?  Wouldn't get as built make more sense than get latest???  How does everyone else's workflow differentiate between WIP and the current released revision???  Is it just not autonomous?

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                    Jim Stone

                    Getting the referenced version IS the default, as long as you're asking for a specific version. Get Latest will get the latest version of every referenced file, which can get you in trouble if someone else is working on those files. But if you use Get Version, and select the latest version (or whatever version you want), it will bring up the referenced versions of all related files.


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                    That can't be the default for blindly opening a file because SW doesn't know whether you want the latest released version, new files in WIP or something old. But if you tell it what version you want, it'll retrieve it properly.