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How to fix Lego head part?

Question asked by Sergei Bye on Apr 9, 2015
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I am following this Toy Man tutorial and I'm stuck at the 7:00 minute marker in the tutorial. Basically I am trying to apply the Circular Pattern, as he is doing in the video, but when I do everything he does, my CirPattern1 turns out with an error:


Warning - CirPattern1 - Some feature instances are disjoint and will not be created. Use the Bodies option to mirror/pattern distinct bodies.


I would prefer to not stray away from the tutorial, so I would like to fix this problem without using the suggestion it says to do. There must be a way to fix the problem without having to do that.


When I highlight over my CirPattern1 in the FeatureManager Design Tree, a blue arrow curves up to my I'm guessing this is where my problem is happening, perhaps?


I was hoping someone who knows more about SolidWorks could help me figure out what to do to fix this so that my CirPattern1 actually follows through and I no longer have an error.


Thanks in advance!


I attached my file so that people can take a look at my file while viewing the tutorial. Note: I did not add the eyes and smile on my head part...I don't think that would be causing my issue, but I don't know for sure.


*Also, the file was made in Solidworks 2015. And I tried contacting the creator of the video, but no luck with a reply.