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PDM Workgroup Server

Question asked by Ken Kollin on Jun 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2007 by Ken Kollin
I got an email (possibly back-dated) that stated the following:

If PDMWorks Workgroup Server 2007 SP4.0 is installed as an upgrade to PDMWorks Workgroup Server 2007 SP3 OR if PDMWorks Workgroup Server 2007 SP4.0 (or SP3) is uninstalled, then all non-Read-only files (not folders) residing in the root directory of the drive on which the Operating System is installed will be deleted. In some cases this could result in the deletion of required operating system files. If a computer has been affected by this problem and those operating system files have been removed, then the computer will fail to boot successfully next time it is restarted.

Has anyone else had problems with this? I checked my server and sure enough all files under C:\ are gone, except for the folders.

If your files are gone too you should check from the command prompt that boot.ini, ntldr, and are still there. Hopefully the hidden and system flags saved them from deletion.

type boot.ini

It'll let you know if the file is there or not. Do the same for ntldr and (when you do this for those files you will get some cool system beeps if the files are there - hit ctrl-c to stop the beeping!). Luckily all three of my files are still there but I'm still afraid to restart that server.

Sorry for the rant but I am not amused this morning.